Conventions of Appropriateness & Academic Discourse

Conventions of Appropriateness: 

Definition: The gradual learning through personal experience, of what is societally considered “ok” or appropriate.

Conventions of appropriateness relate back to the ideas of academic/professional communities,  communities of practice, discourse communities as well as textual media.

An example of conventions of appropriateness would be handing in a paper for your science class, as opposed to handing in a paper in your english class. Your science teacher is going to be looking for short, matter-of-factly briefs or even lab right ups that conclude whatever it is that you were trying to prove or prove wrong. If you handed in to your science teacher a 3 page essay with MLA citations, though your english teacher would accept that paper and probably give you a good grade, your science teacher would probably request you redo it .. correctly. This is because the conventions of appropriateness differ between the two courses.


12/4 notes on Eportfolio

  • In reflection letter, make sure you write it LIKE A LETTER. Not MLA form, start with things like “Dear ms Cook,…” and end with your name!
  • should hit on all topics discussed in class, and demonstrate your ability to incorporate those concepts in your work.
  • course values : open mindedness, respectful to others and there opinions, critical thinking, expansive mind, peer review, learn from others, awareness of our rhetorical decisions (rhetorical= purposeful use of language), take courage/risks, participation/discussions etc.
  • Course Goals: focus on contextualized writing process. Participate fully


———–>     Inquiry 2

At this point, I am most concerned with the topic of my paper, I hope that my foreseeing of the growth of technology in the future along with the increasing need of upcoming generations including our own to be tech literate, is enough “expanding” of a topic that we’ve already gone over. Also concerned with flow, I dont want it to sound choppy.